FH Bielefeld
University of
Applied Sciences

Numerical methods for coupled systems and computer modelling of biomedical and environmental problems (NumComModME2012)

Prof. Dr. Svetozara Petrova

  • Entwicklung von numerischen Methoden zur Lösung von großen Systemen von Differentialgleichungen

This project, coordinated by the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Prof. K. Georgiev) started in November 2012 and was funded by the Bulgarian National Sciences Foundation. Among the international partners involved in the project is also the National Environmental Research Institute, Aarhus Univesrity, Roskilde, Denmark (Prof. Z. Zlatev). The mathematical modelling and the numerical solution of biomedical and air pollution problems are the main topic of the project. Important physical processes, such as advection, diffusion, deposition, emissions and chemical reactions, are represented in the mathematical formulation of the problems into consideration. For instance, the Danish Eulerian model concerns the study of different phenomena connected with a transport of air pollutants in the atmosphere. The space domain of the model contains the whole of Europe and thus, the discretization methods for the coupled systems of ordinary differential equations lead to huge computa-tional tasks with thousands of unknowns. Efficient splitting techniques, sparse matrix strategies, parallel algorithms, and modern high-speed computers have to be used in the numerical treatment of the model.