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Programme 2021

This year, we are particularly excited about two exciting and highly topical keynotes. More information will be announced soon. The full programme will be published at the end of March 2021.


Good practices for teaching and learning
by Christian Friedrich

In his talk, Christian Friedrich will highlight good practices for teaching and learning online with internationally collaborating communities, hoping to help spark a conversation around Openness, hospitality, distributed learning and teaching and equity.

The Speaker

Christian Friedrich hast vast experience in the conceptualisation and implementation of learning scenarios on the web. As a freelance consultant, but also in different roles in Higher Ed, the projects that Christian was involved in are characterised by pedagogical approaches aiming to provide for collaborative and community-based learning and teaching. As a Co-Director of Virtually Connecting, Christian works with a strong international community of educators and researchers to enhance participation and visibility for those who are not present in person at (academic) conferences. Christian hosts various podcasts and blogs eratically on his website. More about Christian can be found unter christianfriedrich.org or on twitter where he goes by @friedelitis.

Bild Christian Friedrich




Das Programm wird Ende März 2021 veröffentlicht.